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The End Of The World and How To Spot It

Is the world ending?
What would you do if it did?
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The End Of The World

Can be described as any or all of the following:
 the Total Destruction of Earth, The Universe and Everything including but not limited to the Complete Loss of All Human Life.
 The Utter Anihilation of All Existence.
 The Big Whammy.

How To Spot It

Common ways to spot the End Of The World happening include some of the following:
 Angels performing low-level aerobatic stunts over your home.
 Lambs playing trumpets (?)
 Rivers of Blood, Plague and McDonald's selling out of Big Macs (Famine)
 Four large, scary blokes on horses suddenly appearing and killing everyone around them, including you.

Things it is Not

Among other things, the End Of The World is not:
 Your wife/husband/partner running off with your lawyer/kids/dog etc.
 Losing your Job.
 Finding out that the Man Of Your Dreams is gay.
 Finding out that the Man Of Your Dreams is straight.
 Your favorite team losing, badly.
 All Out Nuclear War provided anyone survives.
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