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SMS Alert Direct To Your Mobile Phone

We can send you a message up to ten hours before Armageddon hits your street!

Think of the things you can do!

If your thoughts are the same as tens of thousands of other adults across the world then your luck is in -- with SMS Alert you an spend a happy afternoon banging away in a top Five Star hotel, have a slap up meal and champagne knowing that, for once, you won't have to pay for it!

Alternatively, why not pop down to the hairdresser, have your head shaved except for that handy tuft on top, travel in style to the hill of your choice and still have time for a nice cup of tea before the Angels come swooping down!
To set up SMS alerts to your mobile phone.

We also give you the opportunity to save a message to go to that special loved one before the Final Call, or even tell your boss what you really think of his management style with no chance for him to sack you!

Really have the last word!
To save messages for others.

Note: to receive SMS alerts you need a GSM or otherwise compatible mobile phone and be in range of a cell transmitter. We cannot guarantee that any specific network operator will be able to deliver a message dispatched from our site.

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