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Well, the Legal Profession is going to have a field-day come Armegeddon+1. A lot of very unhappy litigants will be trying to sue the pants off every deity or near-deity they can find for loss of earnings, property, status, position in Heaven and so on.

Due to the revolutionary technology driving this site, we can, of course, instigate law-suits considerably in advance of everyone else!

Your attention is therefore respectfully drawn to the copyright notices to the right of this page.


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We have taken every step in our knowledge to protect your privacy.


All products and services on this site are advertised as being available either at, after, or immediately prior to The Apocalypse, the definition of which is laid out in full elsewhere on this site but may be taken for brevity as the Total Destruction of Earth, The Universe and Everything including but not limited to The Total Loss Of All Human Life.

Should these events occur and we fail to deliver then we are liable and you can sue us. Otherwise we assume no responsibility for anything else that you are stupid enough to read into these pages.
Thank You.

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