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About This Site

This site is hosted on UK servers by Westfield Computing Ltd, a division of the SG Westfield Group who provide IT and Solutions consultancy services and software to some of the world's leading financial institutions, and still manage to have a great time.

The site serves as a template and demonstration of modern web development. It incorporates several key elements:
 An ASP engine and code shell that build the basic page layout (menus, header and footer, hotspots etc) in an efficient way, minimising the actual source code on each page.
 Re-use of graphic content to minimise download timing.
 JavaScript client side code driving Dynamic HTML to provide animation, and also to increase perceived response times.
 Full database interaction through forms and real-time reports, database querying and form validation throughout.
 Full credit card validation facilities.
 Use of cookies to enable and disable page layouts based on anticipated client activity.
 Shopping cart and checkout software.
 CSS-1 style sheets to provide a consistent and controlled page layout.
 Web-safe, balanced colours mastered on a THX reference monitor, and careful use of established typesetting principles to provide an easy to read and pleasing page layout.

Certain parts of the site deserve special attention.

The Front Page features a public domain graphic that has been reprocessed from its original square format into the mushroom cloud you see now. A small piece of JavaScript displays the loading message until the graphic has been fully downloaded, at which point the site map graphics are displayed.

Of particular note is the Hubble Camera which started life as a picture of the inside of the Shuttle bay -- only the strut and "LMT" (Large Metal Thing) persist. The mirror border and both visible struts are actually all the same object, cut, processed and re-aligned. Some gold foil (the "BRC" or Big Roast Chicken) has been rotated and faded in to provide a reflection. A separate picture provides the Earth, and everything else is by drawing by hand or applying noise effects. And they say the camera never lies!

Site Author Jules Greenwall
Development time approximately 30 hours
Authoring software Microsoft InterDev
Graphic software PaintShop Pro 6
Graphic font Armageddon by Shy Fonts

Comments and bugs to   Copyright © 2001-2009, Jules Greenwall.   This page last updated: 18 Oct 2017